🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in Trinidad and Tobago

For reef dives, drift dives and brain coral bigger than you, head to this twin paradise of islands – Trinidad and Tobago.

The southern most of the Caribbean Islands, Trinidad and Tobago are separated by a 33km shallow waterway, which boasts extremely fast currents. Trinidad is the larger of the islands and the epicentre of the country’s business and government. Tobago lies Northeast of Trinidad, offering a number of prime dive sites.

From sheltered shallow reefs to adrenalised drift dives, Trinidad and Tobago has something for most levels of diver. The waters feature a rich variety of life thanks to the nutrients being brought in on the Guyana Current. Among the marine life are the world’s largest brain corals. At least one of which measured six meters! The waters are also filled with pelagics including a permanent population of manta rays.

Best Dive Sites

The weather patterns tend to be more in line with South America than the Caribbean so the rainy season lasts from late May to mid-November.

Flying Reef

One of Trinidad’s most exciting dive sites where regular whales, whalesharks and manta rays are regularly sighted.


A stunning site that promise a rich variety of fish life.

The Kitchen

A sheltered bay inhabited by a huge range of sea life, from large lobsters and crabs to tiny hydroids.

London Bridge

A natural arch that is home to a huge variety of fish.

Kelliston Drain

Situated off Speyside this is one of the best manta ray dives in the world.

Buccoo Channel

A large reef area whi9ch is ideal for learning divers and underwater photographers.

Diver’s Dream

Only suitable for experienced divers, this is a shallow reef swept by strong currents.

African Express

Another one for the adrenaline junkies. Here the currents reach six knots, so it’s only for the more experienced divers.

The Maverick wreck

Also for experienced divers, this wreck is a former roll-on; roll-off ferry that was intentionally sank in 1997. The ferry lies in 30m and promises a fantastic display of marine life.