🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in the Solomon Islands

Famed for their natural beauty and their wartime history, the Solomon Islands are a fascinating dichotomy for the diver. A stunning seabed is littered with artefacts from World War Two – fascinating diving for those with historical interests.

The islands stretch over a thousand miles, however the landmass is far smaller. The Solomon are a huge attraction for tourists in search of war relics. The are is steeped in modern history thanks to the Solomon archipelago being the site from where the US launched their first land offensive against the Japanese in 1942. Battles commenced in the small jungle-covered island of Guadalcanal. The Solomon do however promise far more than old war stories. It’s a beautiful country that boasts stunning sunsets, warm waters and rain forest on your doorstep.

There’s something here for reef enthusiasts and wreck fans. The reefs are stunning thanks to the tropical conditions, and attract numerous pelagics. The wrecks on the other hand are plentiful thanks to the war casualties. These wrecks have become natural reefs that thrive with life.

Dive Sites

A few dive operators in the UK have started offering trips to the Solomon. When you get there you will find a very good and well-run diving infrastructure. Most are land-based operations but there are also a couple of liveaboards.


A great destination for the wrecks of ships and planes with many diveable from the shore. Many of the planes sit in shallow lagoons, but thanks to the plankton rich waters visibility isn’t great. Further out to sea however and you will find great wrecks in clear water.

The reefs of Mborokua, Munda, Russell and Nggela Islands.

Outstanding reef systems that are awash with colour from the abundance of cronoids clinging to the branches of seafans. This is finished of with swarms of reef fish and pelagics that patrol the waters in search of food.