🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in Middle East

Discover the delights of diving in the Middle East. Clear blue waters, warm seas and fantastic aquatic life await you.

Considering the limited length of coastline for this region the scuba diving is nonetheless excellent.

Although Israel and Jordan have only about 15 miles of coastline between them there is still a lot to offer, especially considering the good year round climate and warm waters.

Close to the coast of Eilat is a reef where you can see a group of bottlenose dolphins in the wild and Jordan has a wonderful marine park with a wealth of marine life, in relatively shallow water, which offers excellent scuba diving especially for the less experienced scuba diver.

Although still more limited than some countries the scuba diving available in Oman is more extensive than Jordan or Israel and has dive sites with dramatic wall drop-offs to scenic coral lined fjords, ranging in depth from six to forty meters. There are also wreck dives available the newest being the Al Munassir Wreck, an old landing craft, sunk in April 2003. The Middle East is beginning to open up far more to scuba divers and although this is not a huge region it does offer some excellent dives, also due to the fact that Oman especially is a relatively undiscovered destination for scuba divers the dives available remain almost pristine.