🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in Vanuatu

As you’d expect from an archipelago on the Coral Sea, the corals to be found at Vanuatu are breathtaking, and attract the most experienced divers.

A chain of 83 islands that are a mixture of old volcanoes covered in rainforest and low-lying coral islands with excellent beaches. The Islands flank the eastern rim of the Coral Sea.

Many of the dives here are quite deep so experience is required. There are however shallower coral dives that are quite stunning.

Dive Sites

The wreck of the SS President Coolidge

The world’s largest war wreck lies fully intact at 40m. Her holds are filled with supplies such as jeeps, trucks, and artillery guns.

Million Dollar Point

Off Espiritu Santo, this site was dump for surplus US army gear after WW2. Here you can find everything from bulldozers and planes to food canisters and drinks bottles.


A mixture of classic Pacific reefs and walls, swarmed by shoals of pelagics. There are also a number of car wrecks. Among the natural sites is the Cathedral, a cavern with several hand-locked chimneys that you can surface in.