🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

Overlooked for far too long, Puerto Rico is swiftly gaining a solid reputation as a fine diving destination thanks to its varied marine life and stunning corals.

The smallest of the Greater Antilles, this is the commercial and political centre of the region. The attractions include the lagoons at Laguna Grande, Bahia Mosquito and Bahia Fosforente where microorganisms provide a bizarre light show of blue green phosphorescence when they are disturbed.

Overlooked for many years, Puerto Rico is gaining in popularity now due to its cave dives, healthy coral reefs and prolific fish life.

Dive Sites

Puerto Rico also boasts four satellite islands; Desecheo, Mona, Culebra and Vicques.

Isabela and Aguidilla

On the north coast these are beach dives, which are very popular.

Desecheo and Mona Islands

For the more adventurous diver, which promises stunning corals and a marine life that includes sharks, turtles and whales. Beware though, this are is prone to bad weather, which occasionally scuppers diving.