🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in Honduras

Earthquake fissures, soft corals, canyons and tunnels – just some of the attractions on offer to divers who visit Honduras.

A beautiful country, rich in history Honduras offers numerous dive destinations. The most popular are the Bay Islands of Roatan, Guanaja and Utila, and the nearby Cayos Cochinos (or Hog Islands) which are located 40-mils off the Caribbean coast. They are also situated at the end of the world’s second largest barrier reef.

There are few diving operations on the Pacific coast of Honduras while the Caribbean side with the bay Islands are popular diver destinations that promise impressive walls lined with soft corals and seafans

Dive Sites

The Honduras islands enjoy a tropical climate with the best time to dive coming in the summer.


The most popular destination, Roatan features an earthquake fissure called Calvin’s Crack. The crack starts with a hole at about 9m and offers a passageway about 4mteres wide that extends into the rock face. Also impressive is the wreck of the Prince Albert, which can be found at the front of the Coco Reef Resort. Roatan also boasts a number of deep Caribbean walls and several shallower ones. Fish life is good but tends to be seasonal, while most coral life is of the hard stony variety.


Guanaja boasts a number of sites with at least 28 of them names and buoyed. The diving here includes wrecks, scenic reefs, canyons and tunnels, and a fantastic array of fish.

Utila and Cayos Cochinos (the Hog Islands)

The least visited destinations, however they do offer good, if a little hard to find, diving facilities. The diving here is similar to the Bay Islands, with walls and hard coral, sponge and algae-coated sheer drop-offs. The marine life here is seasonal, with fewer fish visible in the period before the rainy season. Other times however it is possible to see large shoals of Atlantic spadefish and jacks, and reef fish which are generally larger than those found in other areas of Hoduras.