🀿🌍 The Best Scuba Diving in Malta

Malta, together with her sister islands Gozo and Comino, make up a trio of wonderful diving islands right in the heart of the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the fabled Blue Lagoon of Comino.

In Malta, 7000 years of history is ever present as you walk in the footsteps of St Paul and the Knights of St John. The sand coloured capital city of Valetta and the breathtaking coastline have made Malta a favourite destination for film crews over recent years.

The Republic of Malta is a small island archipelago located in the central Mediterranean Sea. It is situated roughly mid-way between Italy and Libya, and temperatures range from 15c -30c. Malta consists of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino plus two small, uninhabited islands. The islands have heavily indented rocky coastlines with low hills in the interior.

In the middle of the Mediterranean, the Maltese Islands enjoy some of the most favorable in Europe. The combination of sheer cliffs, cave, wrecks, shelves and sandy and rocky sea beds, ensure a large variety of fauna and flora to see in the Maltese waters.

Dive Sites

The locals are known as Maltesers.

The Imperial Eagle

A Gozo ferry, the Imperial Eagle sits in 30-40 meters of water, this wreck is mostly intact including the wooden decking and wheel, there is not a huge amount to see but you can access the body of the ship if time permits.
Zongor Point Tug Wrecks

Two tug boats were scuttled in 1998 to create an artificial reef and dive site off the south coast, it is protected from prevailing winds making it an ideal dive when other sites are inaccessible and due to poor weather conditions. In 20-25 meters of water this site is ideal for all levels of diver.